Friday, February 11, 2011

Melissa Birthday

Hello to readers.I wanna show you something about my friend it is Melissa for short.The real name is Melissa Gomez.She celebrate her birthday at 18 November.Wanna know who is she?Let's me show you her faces.That is her face.Her name is Melissa Gomez.Date of birth is 18 November 1998.She study at Tabuan Jaya secondary school.She is my speacially bff.Miss you Melissa !

Alone- Avril Lavigne- Lyrics

Proud to be Satrians

Hello for readers.Im really happy went 1st day school 2011.Because,i proud to be Satrians.Speacial school give me.I never let it go.Many sweet memorious at SK.Satria Jaya school.Love Satria Jaya.I dreams,i wanna build Satria Jaya secondary school.I love Satria Jaya ! Proud to be Satrians ! Almost best for us !

Im new !

Hello to the readers ! I just wanna say that i'm new for blogger.So,1st warning i wanna to say:
Please don't try to judge me because i'm the blogger owner.Please dont copy my post.Please follow and drop your comment at my shout box.That only i wanna to say.Thankyou :)